SKOY Reusable Towels

I am always on the look out for products that are not only chemical free and all natural, but ones that help the environment. I ordered these Eco-friendly cloths made by Skoy from Amazon about a month ago. The information sheet that comes with the four pack of cloths boasts that the cloths are dish washer and washing machine safe, and each cloth can replace up to 15 paper towels. They can be used to wipe down counters, wash dishes, or anything in between.

Over the last month, I have used the Skoy Eco-friendly cloths in place of my normal dish towels. I don't regularly use paper towels, but when I would need a cleaning cloth/towel, I would use one of these. Overall they are a nice product to add to your environmentally friendly must have list.


Pros: They were great at cleaning counters, wiping of little hands and faces after dinner, spilled messes on the floor, and even washing dishes. I actually preferred using them to wash my dishes over my current dish towels. I washed them in both the dishwasher as well as the washing machine and preferred the washing machine. The dishwasher left the towels smelling odd. I also air dried as well as placed them in the dryer with my wool dryer balls and preferred the dryer on a low heat setting. These cloths come in a four pack and in various designs and colors. I purchased the text design.

Cons: After one washing (be it the washing machine or the dishwasher) the cloths no longer remain flat. As you can tell from the pictures, they begin to curl in at the sides. The cloths are pretty rigid until you wet them, and then they become soft and very easy to use, but once cleaned and dryer, it is a bit harder to store nicely because they no longer stack well. Another negative point is that after a few washes I noticed some of the cloths had small tears in the material. Not totally damaging to the cloths, but something to keep in mind before purchasing.

I have been using these cloths daily for about a month and they show no signs of needing to be replaced. For a reusable, Eco-friendly alternative to paper towels, Skoy cloths are ones to add to your daily routine. Feel free to click on the Amazon link on this page to purchase these cloths, or read more about the product.

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Update: 11/15/2017

I am still using these same cloths that I reviewed months ago, although after 4+ months of using them, they are slowly on the way out. I was them weekly in the washing machine and they are holding up nicely. If you are looking for a reusable product that you don't mind replacing every quarter, this is something you should look in to.