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What you need to know about your skin...

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body. An average adult has roughly 22 square feet of skin that weighs around 8 pounds, according to That's a huge portion of your body designed to protect the inside from outside forces. What if we aren't really protecting such an important part of our bodies and instead allowing harming ingredients to enter our blood stream and lymphatic system just by applying makeup, lotion, body wash, and sunscreen??


In an article published by the American Journal of Public Health, states, that the majority of your skin absorbs at a rate of about 64 percent EXCEPT for your FACE and UNDERARMS which absorbs 100% of what you put on your skin! 100%!!! That means all of the ingredients in your face wash, your deodorant, your makeup, and moisturizer are being absorbed into your body.

Gone are the times of trusting large companies that make our products. Now is a time for product awareness and consumer responsibility. Know what you are putting on your skin. Know what you are putting on your children's bodies. Read labels. Download aps, like ThinkDirty,  that help you know what harmful ingredients are in your products. Become informed and make smart choices that benefit your family and will keep your skin and your body healthy.

I have been using Savvy Minerals makeup for months now and love it. Made by Young Living, the makeup boasts what ingredients it has stayed away from allowing consumers to have peace of mind that what they are putting on their skin isn't harmful. If your are interested in learning more about this brand of makeup, feel free to email me , or clink on the link below.

Please take charge of your skin and find products that are safe. As always, if you would like help in finding safer products or to take the one small step or make that one small change towards a healthier lifestyle reach out. Let's do this journey together!

Savvy Minerals by Young Living