Are you a business looking for cleaner, safer, or more environmentally friendly solutions to help your business stand out in a world where people are seeking a more personal touch and an eco-friendly atmosphere?

Are you a new or expecting Mom and confused by all the articles that you read on Facebook or the internet about harmful chemicals? Do you need help choosing safe and clean products to use around your home or with your family?


 I am here to lessen the stress and increase your knowledge. On a one-on-one consulting appointment, we will sit down and discuss your business, individual, or family goals and how I can help you achieve those goals.

Some topics we will discuss are:

**What are safer alternatives for cleaning products that don't use harsh or harmful chemicals.


**What products are best for my clients, baby or children that are clean and without added chemicals or unnecessary dyes/fragrences.

**How to shop for organic and clean food without breaking the bank.

**How to read and understand labels and what "organic" and "all natural" really means.

**How to recognize what product labeling means and be able to purchase future items on my own that are safe for my business or my family.

**Cloth diapers, gross or helpful? How hard is it really?

**Essential oils? What are they really all about?

**Simple products that you can make at home that are safe for the family.


We will schedule a time that works best for you and work together towards your business and/or wellness goals. If you are an expecting mom, a mom with kids, or just someone who wants to know how to choose a safer product, you can schedule a consultation to go shopping. Yes, shopping! I will show you in a real store how to read labels, look at products, and decide on your own which products work for your family and your wellness goals. I can also set up a time to help you plan a baby registry filled with all things clean and natural to get you prepared for when baby arrives, this includes a short lesson on cloth diapering and what you will need to set up your diaper stash, should cloth diapering be what you decide.  

If this is something that you want to do to start or further your journey towards a safer, cleaner, and healthier life style head over to my contacts page and send me a message. You can also email me directly at


Let's do this journey together!