Reusable Bags

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Reusable bags. Something so simple and easy to use, but one thing most people don't consider. CNN reported in 2016 that 20 million plastic bags end up in land fills every day. EVERY DAY! That is a lot of waste that could be stopped and a lot of money being literally thrown away.

Plastic bags for the purpose of this review consists of grocery bags and snack/sandwich bags. Items that most people use in some way every day, which is why there is so much landing in land fills. These items are hard to recycle and often times can't be recycled based on town rules on recycling or they end up in the trash because they were used to carry food items.

I talk a lot about making on small step forward in your journey towards a more natural and chemical-free lifestyle and this is certainly an easy, cost effective step to take. Plastic bags are petroleum based and therefore are made from a non-renewable resource.  Replacing your grocery bags with reusable ones cuts down on waste, but could potentially save a small amount of money on your grocery bill. Some grocery stores like Whole Foods, Target, Trader Joe's, and Kroger offer a few cents back for every reusable bag being used. Five to ten cents might not sound like a lot in the beginning, but when you are literally throwing away money at the end of the day, a twenty-thirty cent rebate for bringing your own bag doesn't sound too bad.

Now lets talk lunches! Reusable snack and lunch bags are another great way to help out the environment and your wallet. Lets say you buy a 60 count box of zip-lock sandwich bags and you use two a day (one for your sandwich and one for chips/snacks). One box at roughly $8, lasts you a month. You're now spending $96/year on something to throw away at the end of the day. $96 in the trash. Purchase some cool designed snack and sandwich bags, like the ones pictured on the left (which are the ones I currently use for my husband and son), and you are spending $6.99 for the large and $4.99 two smaller ones. $12 for items you can use every day and replace maybe once a year. $12 a year on style and environmentally friendly, or $96 that goes right in the trash. With so many size, style and color options there is a reusable bag for everyone.

How do you care for these items? Its very simple. Rinse them in sink between use and allow them to dry. If need be they can also go in the dishwasher or washing machine. I have done all 3 with no issues. I rinse mine between uses in the sink and dry, unless they are sticky or there is a cold going around. Then into the dishwasher or washing machine, whichever is being used first. Done and ready for a new day!

One small step to save money and help Mother Earth, plus a stylish way to enjoying lunch. A win-win!



Reusable snack bags can be purchased by clicking on the link to the left side of this page. Reusable grocery bags can also be purchased online or at your local grocery store.