Primal Pit Paste

A lot of people have been reaching out about finding a deodorant that not only works, but smells nice as well. I have made it a small mission of mine to test out and try as many natural deodorants that I come across in order to give everyone options and choices to pick from. I ordered Primal Pit Paste off of Amazon. This stick is aluminum free, paraben free, has no added fragrances, is all natural and made with organic ingredients and essential oils. There is no corn or gluten and no GMO ingredients. I happen to chose Jacked Up Jasmine in a stick form. This company does have other scents, strengths, and container types.

Like other natural deodorants, this brand doesn't stop you from sweating, although I am noticing that I don't sweat as often as I used to. We have been finally reaching some warmer days here in New Hampshire and I have been impressed with how well this deodorant holds up during the warmer days, and even throughout a long run. This deodorant is lasting longer than others I have tried so I won't have to replace it as frequently and the price point is around $11.

My only two cons are that 1) I'm not a big fan of this particular scent. This is a personal thing. It doesn't smell bad or cause my underarms to have an off-putting smell (and believe me I ask everyone when trying a new deodorant if they can smell me..haha), but it's a smell that I don't like. Not enough to stop using it, but enough that I will try another scent on my next purchase. 2) The stick says you need to warm the product up before applying and that you only need to apply one or two strokes. It takes a bit longer to warm up, so I've skipped that step altogether and I tend to use 5-6 strokes when applying or else I feel the need re reapply mid-day on warmer days or prior to working out.

For a natural deodorant that is aluminum free, paraben free and has no toxic chemicals, is made with organic ingredients and essential oils in a price point around $11, it really is a good choice. Feel free to clink on the Amazon link on this page to purchase the item directly or learn more about the product.

If you have any questions about this product, or any other product that I have reviewed, or would like a particular product reviewed, please visit my contacts page and send me a message. Lets do this journey together!