Essential Oils - Natural Remedies book review

The Complete A-Z Reference of Essential Oils for Health and Healing published by Fall River Press is a book that I keep handy. This book provides a lot of reference information for simple remedies for common occurrences in our daily lives from headaches to bug bite, chronic pain to diverticulitis. I am not a doctor and this book is not meant to replace medical advice by a licensed professional or claim to have a cure, but it does provide alternative and natural remedies to help in comforting people in their daily lives in con


The beginning of the book is an introduction to essential oils and the history behind their usage, The book goes on to give you a basic essential oil 101 class on how to use them, what types of oils are on the marker, how to choose your brand of oil, and the various application methods. The middle of the book is an alphabetical ordered list of common conditions a person might be experiencing and what natural remedy might work best. The end of the book is a list of the most common oils, their uses, what other oils blend well with it, when not to use the particular oil, and what type of application works best for the oil.

This is a great reference guide for anyone already using oils or someone who might be thinking about introducing oils into their daily life. I keep it handy and have used it to help any general oil questions and even used a few of the remedies on my family, as things come up. Click on the Amazon link to the left to purchase the book today.


I am not promoting a book that has a cure for what ails you or trying to replace medical advise from a licensed professional, but this is an informative reference guide to help you towards a more natural approach  on whatever affliction you might what to try an oil for. Always seek medical advice before trying anything new and use this for informational purposes only.