Crystal Deodorant

Since deodorant is still the highest product that I am asked to find and review, here are two types of deodorants by Crystal for you to try.

The first product I tried by Crystal was the Deodorant Stick. This product is free from aluminum Chlorohydrate, hypoallergenic, free from perfumes and dyes, and unscented. It is made from 100% natural mineral salts and leaves no residue and does not stain clothes. It comes in both female and male varieties. 

This product I was not a fan of and only used it 2-3 times. Because it is a natural mineral salt stick it felt like I was rubbing a rock over my armpits every time I used it. Although it did work at keeping me dry, I didn't enjoy the application process and therefore stopped using it quite quickly. The cost of the Crystal Deodorant stick was around $5-6 and I was able to purchase it at local retailers, which made it very convenient for future purchases, if you like using this product.

The second product by Crystal that I've used is the Body Deodorant Roll-on. Just like the Deodorant Stick, the Roll-on is free from Aluminum Chlorohydrate, perfumes, and dyes. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and free from parabens. Both products are also endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers. It is made of natural mineral salts, non-sticky, and leaves no residue or staining. It is safe for the environment and can be used by both men and women. It is also made in the USA.

I LOVE using this product and chose to use it more often than any other deodorant that I have tried. Since moving to the desert, I have noticed an increase in sweating, especially when working out. This deodorant keeps me dry even through a hot run, as well as through normal daily activities. The barrier that is made because of the salts prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming and therefore there is no smell. I enjoy the fact that there isn't a deodorant smell either. This roll on uses water as the base and it has an easy application. After application my underarms dry quickly and there is no residue or discoloration. I really like this because I am in tank tops all the time and don't enjoy having white clumps under my arms or white residue on my clothing.

Of all the reviews that I have done on natural deodorants, this by far is my favorite. I have attached two clickable links on this page for easy purchasing of both the Roll-on and the Deodorant Stick. If you are looking for a safer deodorant, try one or both of these. If you do, shoot me an email or contact me and let me know what you think!

Update: 11/15/2017

I figured I should update some of my reviews, and this deodorant is one of them, I have continued to use the roll on deodorant off and on for the last few months and I'm not as excited as I first was. The longer I use the product, the more burning and irritation shows up under my arms. This is not from a detox, as I am far past detoxing from harmful underarm products, but more of a sensitivity issue. I have this deodorant in my weekly rotation still, but only use it once a week because of the irritation that persists, I still think that it a great product and one that you should try, just pay attention to any sensitivity you may have after using for longer than a few months.