Freedom Deodorant - Lavender Citrus

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So many of the daily products we use have the potential to be harmful to our bodies. Deodorant is one product that no one wants to be without. Most deodorants on the market contain ingredients like aluminum and parabens which have both been linked to breast cancer. Aluminum products help clog the pores in your armpits, causing you to sweat less. Sweating is a way to release toxins from your body, and by clogging the pores, the toxins remain in your body. Aluminum and parabens work just like estrogen in the body and can increase breast cancer cells. Other harmful ingredients would be Talc, triclosan, silicia, and propylene glycol. All of these ingredients could cause skin irritations and allergic reactions.

No one wants to sweat a lot or have an unpleasant odor. It's not fun to be around someone who smells. I totally get it! As an avid runner and someone who loves to workout, I don't want to smell when I pick up my son at school. Not cool! I have tried a few different brands (and I will continue to test more), and Freedom is the first deodorant that I have found that not only works, but has a pleasant smell. I don't feel like I'm using an all natural deodorant, which is a huge plus!

I purchased Freedom from Amazon and decided to try the Lavender Citrus. It came in a little package with two tiny inserts to help explain how my body would work while starting a more natural product. This was a great help! One of of the information sheets, Freedom explains that your body goes through a detox phase (the first 3-5 days). Your body is unclogging all the pores from the toxins that have been trapped all these years of using other deodorants. You do sweat a bit more during this process, but it wasn't excessive. On day 3 I noticed my right side armpit was tender, something the information sheet talked about. My body was still releasing all the toxins and clearing out. By the end of day 4 the tenderness was gone and I was well on my way of regulating sweat normally.

The deodorant has a bit more of a gritty feel to it at first, and sometimes I felt the need to use my hands to smooth out the application of my underarms, but overall the application process and look of the stick is just that of the previous brands I've used for years. I continued to run my miles and noticed that after the first week, I wasn't sweating as much, and the scent that my body produced during and after my workouts was a really nice smell. A pleasant one!

I haven't noticed any issues with clothing and residue, even on darker clothing. The price is a bit shocking at roughly $16, and I'm curious to see how long a regular stick lasts, however after going through the detoxing process and seeing my body self regulate to a more balanced sweat pattern without the use of harmful ingredients, I will be continuing on the natural deodorant path. This product is now on my Safe to Use, Love to Use list.

Below I have attached some helpful links. Two are to check the ingredients and safety concerns of products you are currently using, including but not limited to deodorant, and the other is a direct link to Freedom's website to learn more about the company and the product. I also have a direct purchasing link through